About Stephenson Equipment

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Stephenson Equipment, Inc (SEI) has been serving the construction industry and industrial professionals across the Pennsylvania and New York areas since 1957. Our longevity in service and dedication to customer needs is a major part of our continued vision of adding value and state-of-the-art equipment to the business processes of our clients. Not only are our values of integrity, support, safety, and reliability important; they have enabled us to grow and prosper as a successful provider of construction equipment, paving equipment, Manitowoc cranes, Grove cranes, NCCCO / CCO training, and service for over 55 years.

Company History

SEI was founded by Paul Stephenson in 1957 in order to support two major segments of the construction equipment market - excavation equipment (including asphalt, paving, road repair, and road building) and lifting equipment such as cranes and boom trucks.  In 1992, Stephenson Equipment was led by veteran SEI employees Jim Penman and his wife, Karen. Through the years SEI was run by Jim and his wife Karen (1992-2003), the company flourished up until their retirement when the current managing partners Dennis Heller and Bob Criste took over their positions. Both transitions of ownership were organized internally through SEI and company leadership was earned by dedicated employees of Stephenson Equipment 

SEI is backed by a close family of employees who are dedicated to taking care of customers and providing everything needed to do their jobs safely and to do them well. The brands carried by SEI are from reputable manufacturers such as JCB, Grove, Manitowoc, and others who can be trusted and counted on for dependability, reliability, and precision. Over the years, SEI has grown to offer a wide range of manufacturers, equipment servicing solutions, and NCCCO accredited safety and operator courses for training and certification.

SEI has become one of the few established dealers of new and used construction equipment and service providers in the greater New York and Pennsylvania areas to possess such longstanding history of service and support to its customers.

Who is SEI Today?

Today, Stephenson Equipment, Inc is still one of the largest providers of construction equipment, Grove cranes, Manitowoc cranes, construction equipment parts, crane parts, and service and has seven distinct locations through which customers are served across Pennsylvania and New York.

Featuring state-of-the-art repair facilities, diagnostic equipment, and a highly trained staff of professionals we can troubleshoot virtually any problem or situation and come up with solutions quickly and accurately through our breadth of knowledge and depth of parts available. Complete construction equipment rebuild services are also offered as an economical alternative to purchasing a new machine.

SEI has consistently presented equipment innovations to the construction industry and to our customers such as the utility milling machine and almost any type of paving or construction machinery that's manufacturered can now be found for sale or rental at any of our seven locations.

The rental of all equipment SEI represents is second to none with late model equipment and a wide scope of available machines. Stephenson Equipment, Inc will deliver clean, well-maintained, rental equipment directly to your jobsite. Whether you need crane rentals or construction equipment rentals, SEI has you covered.

Helping You Get the Job Done

With Stephenson Equipment, Inc you can always count on value, friendly customer service, and having your needs met by a trusted group of professionals truly dedicated to helping you get the job done. Call or email SEI today at any one of our seven locations for prompt, professional service.