Tuesday, 08 April 2014 12:28

Two words that are popular during the winter months in Pennsylvania, Pot Holes and Cold Patch.

Every township, or city road crew, know these two words go together. Almost all road crews use “cold patch” to fix the dreaded winter pot holes until a more permanent fix can be applied in spring when the asphalt plants open. Cold patch is pliable at all temperatures, can be stored months in advance at the township garage, and remains ready to tackle the winter job at any time. This sounds like the perfect fix.        However, for this product to be usable in must remain pliable especially in cold weather. Road crews have to be able to shovel the material in the problem area, compact it and move on even during snowy days. Since Cold patch never really hardens like permanent hot asphalt, it’s life on a busy street can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Then the process starts all over again.

Then why would so many cities or townships rely on this method to fight this winter hazard ? Simple,

It is the only product available during the winter months when the traditional asphalt plants are closed.

At $100 a ton this can become an expensive exercise in road repair.

Stepp Manufacturing has introduced a solution to this never ending winter cycle.

What if there was a machine that was self contained, could easily attach to a township truck, heat the material to 325 degrees, use road millings and old dug up asphalt, then drop this permanent “hot asphalt mix” into the pot hole for a long lasting fix. And what if this can produce a quarter ton of Hot mix every 8 to 10 minutes to permanently fill the troubled areas for about $20 per ton?

Sounds too good to be true, right.

Well a recent visit to Lehigh Township, Northampton County, whom recently purchased the Stepp SMM tail gate asphalt recycler will prove that such a machine does exist.

Pictured is a Lehigh Township roadman checking the temperature of the hot mix. Road millings and old recycled asphalt are shoveled into the hopper, heated and mixed in the pug mill.

Lehigh Township worker checks the temperature of the hot asphalt mix

When the correct temperature is reached the asphalt is augered directly out into the pot holes. Here a Lehigh Township worker then rakes out the hot asphalt.

hot asphalt mix is augered directly into pot hole


Here the hot mix is compacted to form a long-lasting pot hole fix.

Asphalt hot mix being compacted

Crowd   pleaser. Frank Zamadics, Lehigh Twp Road Supervisor hosted other Municipalities that were interested in seeing this machine work. “ With over 90 miles of roads that were are responsible for, we don’t have time to be revisiting the same old pot holes when the cold patch fails”

Lehigh Township hosts a session with other local townships on the Stepp MFG SMM tail gate asphalt recycler

Pictured above are personal from Hazel Township, Moore Township, City of Jim Thorpe, Tri County Excavating.

This tail gate recycler from Stepp Manufacturing is available through Stephenson Equipment, on PA State Contract .

Monday, 10 March 2014 08:13

Last week at CONEXPO 2014, Stephenson Equipment finalized its plan to purchase the new Potain Igo T 130 self-erecting crane, the largest self-erecting crane in the Potain line.
Dennis Heller, president and CEO of Stephenson, said that the company will first use the Igo T 130 as a rental crane to help expand its reach in new territories before the crane goes up for sale to customers. We have big plans for the crane, it is a crucial tool for our expansion into western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
The crane was shown to guests at CONEXPO 2014 in Las Vegas last week March 4-8, 2014.
“Self-erecting tower cranes are still a new concept for lifting,” Heller said. “They are an economical alternative and sometimes the absolute best way to lift materials on a job site, especially when space is a challenge.”
Stephenson has been representing Potain tower cranes for nearly 10 years in eastern Pennsylvania and upstate N.Y. The company plans to add even more Potain models in 2014, anticipating the market for self-erecting tower cranes to continue growing.

Stephenson Equipments Potain Igo T 130 on show at CONEXPOStephenson Equipments Potain Igo T 130 on show at CONEXPO

Stephenson Equipments Potain Igo T 130 on show at CONEXPOStephenson Equipments Potain Igo T 130 on show at CONEXPO


Tuesday, 31 December 2013 11:21

cumberland valley tree service with bandit chipper
Stephenson customer Cumberland Valley Tree Service out of Chambersburg, PA recently took delivery of their brand new Bandit 990XP Chipper. Placing this new Bandit chipper into their fleet marks a new page for Cumberland Valley Tree Service who has been a life long Vermeer customer. As seen in the photo (click read more...) it was a recent foggy December morning when the chipper was hitched up and on its way to one of its first of many jobs.

Monday, 30 December 2013 12:27

Stephenson Customer Mike Keihl of Keihl Excavating out of Ashland, PA recently replaced his CAT 930G with a JCB 4CX and LOVES IT for snow removal. Mike says he is getting better production from the JCB and is burning a lot less fuel!

Monday, 23 December 2013 08:55

  On Thursday December 19, 2013 Congressman Lou Barletta made a stop at Stephenson Equipment's Harrisburg, PA location. After a brief tour of the facility Lou sat down with Dennis Heller, Bob Criste, Dave Donati and Matt Essig from Stephenson Equipment and had a very candid discussion about what is really happening in Washington DC.
  Dennis Heller, Stephenson Equipment President/CEO stated that "There are some people, like Lou, that really understand our business and what should be done to improve the economy. Lou is a staunch supporter of less regulation, smaller government, the need for infrastructure investment and changing the total out of control spending at the federal level."
  "Lou’s personal experience from his family’s business and his personal highway line painting business provides the backdrop for someone in Washington that understands our business, has had to meet payroll and is frustrated with the over regulation, increased healthcare expenses from the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and the needs for our country to build, repair and expand our highways and bridges."
  The group also discussed how the narrative in Washington needs to change to encourage our young adults to join our industry.  There are many opportunities in the technical field that can provide rewarding and successful careers.
  One of the biggest take-aways from the meeting with Congressman Lou Barletta was that there are people in DC that understand us, will work hard to bring change, and they continue to fight the fight for what they are hired to do.